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Module:  Acquiring Intercultural Competence
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Module: Acquiring Intercultural Competence


Syllabus Content

The module is themed around five areas which may span one, two or all stages of the module (Before/During/After):

Each area consists of options for learning activities. Time constraints and course requirements would make the adoption of all the module components an unrealistic proposition. The intention is to offer a range of choices which can be adapted to suit individual pedagogical preferences, class composition, and logistical restrictions. For example, if access to computers is limited, work with the SARA and STEFE databases could be done in students’ own time, although we would recommend at least one hands-on session to introduce them. Further options for learning activities can be found by exploring the Learning activities section of the website.

Approximate time limits have been suggested for the different areas, on the basis of the activities being used as part of an entire module. Learning activities which are particularly time consuming could be considered for use as preparation tasks in students' own time.