Defending Education - Day of Action: 21 June 2010

Education sector unions held a Day of Dissent on Monday 21st June, the longest day and also the day before the new government emergency budget was announced which cut public spending yet further. Staff and students' organisations have united to form an unprecedented sector-wide coalition in further and higher education, "United for Education". Bringing together UCU with other education sector unions, this coalition aims to be a vehicle for uniting the entire further and higher education sector to call on the new government to stop the cuts and defend education.

Education is Under Attack

  • Over 1bn has been cut from higher education budgets over the next three years.
  • 200 million has been cut from adult learning budgets, with a further 300 million expected.
  • Thousands of jobs already gone.
  • Thousands more are at risk.
  • For the first time in decades our education system is shrinking and the barriers to access are rising.
  • Now, the new coalition government is threatening yet more cuts to public spending.
  • Current and future generations are at risk of being locked out of our education system.

We are calling on all staff and students to unite with us in lobbying the government. We want the sector to speak with one voice to say that enough is enough-it's time to stop the cuts and to invest in the future of education.

Counting the human cost of cuts

  • 200,000 qualified applicants could miss out on a university place this autumn.
  • 70% of FE colleges are planning to close courses.
  • If the cap on top-up fees is removed, current and future generations of young people will be priced out of university education.
  • 1 million 16-25 year olds are unemployed and not in education or training.
  • 7 million adults in Britain are illiterate, and 14 million innumerate.

Education is an engine of economic recovery and social mobility, but it also changes the lives and builds the hope of individuals, families and communities.

What you can do to help:

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