Local Committee Membership

UCU Officers and Ordinary Members 2019-2020

All email addresses end with @lancaster.ac.uk unless otherwise indicated

Branch Committee-Officers
Position Name Extension Email
Julie Hearn
92251 j.hearn
Vice-President Sunil Banga 94639 s.banga
Branch Secretary Emily Heath 94209 e.heath
Treasurer Nils Markusson 510017 n.markusson
Membership Officer Vacancy - -
Equality Officer Miranda Barty-Taylor - m.barty-taylor
Anti-Casualisation Officer Joao Nunes de Almeida - j.nunesdealmeida
Pensions Officer Sunil Banga 94639 s.banga
Health & Safety Officers Alison Clifton 94723 a.k.clifton
Vacancy - -

Branch Committee-Ordinary Members (with and without portfolio)
Portfolio Name Extension Email
Research Staff Rep Alex Finch 93618 a.finch
Green Rep Emily Winter - e.winter
Without Portfolio Giovanni Bettini 93974 g.bettini
Maria Ferrario 510660 m.a.ferrario
James Groves 92378 j.groves
Joanna Kostka 94108 j.kostka
Patrick Montague 510171 p.montague
Jacob Phelps 95043 j.phelps
Joanne Wood 510805 joanne.wood

Branch UCU Staff
Position Name Extension Email
Admin & Casework (part time) Louise Banton 92886 lbanton@ucu.org.uk
Finance Assistant (part time) Kate Wright 92253 kwright@ucu.org.uk

UCU Reps on University Committees and Local Negotiating Forums 2019-2020