University & College Union at Lancaster

Welcome to Lancaster University UCU. The UCU at Lancaster works hard for all its members to seek fairness and equality in the work environment. The local association of the UCU represents academic and academic-related staff in all aspects of working life and has done so since 1980.

The LUCU Committee consists of volunteer members of staff whose work (on the membership's behalf) includes personal case work, organising general meetings, negotiating terms and conditions with the University, liaison with other Campus Unions, national campaigning and providing information on issues relevant to members.

The easiest way to join UCU is to join online at

Can Postgraduates Join? Yes.

UCU membership is open to postgraduate students planning a career in higher education. If you are an employed postgraduate who is providing or supporting education, training or research, you should apply for full UCU membership. If you are a postgraduate student but not employed, you are eligible for student membership.

Need to Transfer your UCU Membership to Lancaster?

If you are already a UCU member but have previously worked elsewhere and need to transfer your UCU membership to the Lancaster Branch - please do so using the 'MyUCU portal' at: If you're having any difficulties, contact our branch administrator

We look forward to welcoming you.