About Us

Defying Dementia is a community-supported campaign designed to change the world that we live in and make a real difference to people's lives, by tackling the big threat that is presented by brain diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Motor Neurone Disease.

There are currently no drugs available that cure these diseases, none that prevent them, and only a small number that can delay their advance, depending when in the course of the disease they are taken.

Defying Dementia was founded in order to progress a promising Alzheimer's drug into human clinical trials in November 2014. Now, nearly two years later, this drug is close to being in human trials, thanks to tremendous public support, which means that we can carry out pre-clinical safety trials.

We have also started to fundraise for more of our ground-breaking research into other neurodegenerative diseases.

With an ageing population, more families are going to face the heartbreak caused by these diseases that destroy memory, personality and movement.

Our first fundraising project, to fund the safety testing to get an extremely promising drug into human clinical trials is making real progress:

So far we have raised over £125,000 of the £165,500 target needed for David Allsop's Alzheimer's Drug.

(Pictured right: Councillor Lucy Atkinson, Clinical Scientist Dr Penny Foulds, Lancaster University fundraiser for Defying Dementia Laura Slater, local singer Bexi Owen and councillor Margaret Pattison at the Defying Dementia sponsored walk in November 2015)