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Gender and Cultural Practice II

Date: 16-18 November 2006

Title: Home and Memory:gender and the representation of place

The aim of the conference is to examine the interaction of presence and absence, or actuality and memory, in the gendered experience of the home.

What is meant by "home" and to what extent is it a construct of memory from the perspective of absence or exile? We invite proposals for papers that investigate a variety of gendered understandings of home - as inner experience, as house, as territorial space, as family, as nation - and consider their impact on secular and spiritual experience and artistic practice. The concept of home is a complex expression of the interface between the past and the present, as well as between psychic and social identities across the centuries. We hope that the conference will allow us to build a trans-historical and cross-disciplinary overview of "home", as well as a trans-national one that will deliberately unsettle the given expectations of each local formulation. We plan to publish a selection of papers in a volume which should contribute to the further understanding of gender and the representation of place.

We warmly encourage proposals from contributors across the Groningen-Lancaster research grouping. Areas that might be addressedare:

* How does genre shape gendered expressions of home? (e.g. painting, poem, spiritual testimony, map, diary)

* How do inner and outer experiences of home interact? (e.g. psychic, spiritual, emotional, aspirational, material,architectural

* In what ways do concepts of home and time interact? (e.g. past, memory, childhood, present / presence, future,utopia?)

* What part does gendered space play in the production of home? (e.g. intimacy, claustrophobia, distance, exile)

Proposals for papers (in the form of a provisional title and an abstract of one page or less) should be submitted by 5th May 2006, to both Alison Findlay( and Helen Wilcox ( This deadline has been chosen so that participants will know before the summer whether or not their proposal has been accepted.


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