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Catherine Carr, Dept Educational Research

Date: 14 March 2007 Time: 4.00 pm

Department of Educational Research Seminar

Title:Engaging with informed student voice

Location: IAS - Meeting Room 1

AbstractOver half of all schools in the UK operate within formal or less formal partnership arrangements, as part of locally-based initiatives such as Excellence Clusters, Extended Schools, Networked Learning Communities, Academies etc. Of the many school improvement partnerships which schools are now required to maintain (with other schools, public services, business, parents, etc) perhaps one of the most challenging is to work in partnership, authentically and equitably, with their students. Amidst growing concern in the policy of children's services for putting the needs and rights of the child at the centre of planning and decision-making, 'student voice' has emerged as one of the newest educational 'hot topics'. Ofsted's new inspection framework now includes the requirement for schools to demonstrate that they consult with the views of the student body, and a variety of vehicles in school have emerged which aim to carry out this function, such as school councils (which enjoy varying degrees of autonomy and credibility), student perception surveys, student representation on governing bodies etc. This seminar will report on a number of participatory research projects (one completed, two current), which aim to empower children and young people as active researchers, within the context of schools' attempts to engage with the 'informed student voice'.

Additional information:All welcome, please notify Ann-Marie Houghton if you are planning to attend.


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