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Ruskinian Theatre: Contemporary Issues in Theatre Historiography

Date: 6-7 July 2007 Time: 0.00 pm

Ruskinian Theatre

Contemporary Issues in Theatre Historiography

University of Birmingham, 6-7 July, 2007

This colloquium is part of the AHRC funded project: Ruskinian Theatre: the Aesthetics of the Nineteenth-Century London Popular Stage, 1870-1900, which seeks to investigate the interrelationships and influences of John Ruskin's aesthetic and social theories on the popular London stage in the late nineteenth-century. Our meeting in 2005 focussed on "Ruskin, Shakespeare, and the Victorian Theatre" and was part of the "Victorian Life Writing" conference at Lancaster University. In 2006, we met at Lancaster University for a colloquium on the Victorian Theatre and Visual Culture, and a collection of essays has been developed from this meeting. In 2007, in our final meeting at the University of Birmingham, we'll be exploring the historiographical issues to arise from this and other innovative work in theatre history and historiography.

In 2007, our focus is on the re-visionings and rethinkings of theatre history and historiography. In the last 20 years, there has been a significant movement in developing new approaches to theatre history and historiography which has been labelled "The New Theatre History." Much of this work has focused on the theatre of Britain in the nineteenth century, in particular in the first three decades of the century, and its final years, as significant moments of the transition into modernity. The Ruskinian Theatre project takes as its rationale a revision of the standard narratives of theatre and cultural history in this period which ignore the popular theatre: we challenge the focus of standard theatre histories on the 'literary drama' and an emergent Modernist aesthetic.

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Further enquiries should be directed to: Peter Yeandle, Ruskinian Theatre Research Associate, Department of History, Lancaster University, Lancaster, LA1 4YG,

Convenors: Peter Yeandle Kate Newey Jeffrey Richards

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Organising departments and research centres: Ruskin Research Centre


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