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'Motivation, Engagement, and Gender: Challenges and Opportunities for Research and Practice'

Date: 26 November 2007 Time: 1.00- 2.30 pm

IAS Meeting Room 2

Associate Professor Andrew J. Martin

This presentation details a recently developed model of motivation and engagement - the Motivation and Engagement Wheel - and its accompanying instrumentation - the Motivation and Engagement Scale. Data based on over 21,000 students are presented that assess gender effects in motivation and engagement. Professor Martin also summarises a series of other findings revolving around the Wheel, including the impact of teacher gender on boys' and girls' motivation and the role of quality relationships in boys' and girls' academic and non-academic lives. The presentation then proposes that the well-rounded student is one who is not only motivated and engaged but is also able to bounce back when the going gets tough. Given this, the concept of academic resilience is introduced along with gender effects related to such resilience. Professor Martin concludes with findings from his work into teacher effectiveness and proposes a new framework - 'connective instruction' - as a means of emphasising the centrality of relationships in the motivation and engagement of both boys and girls.

Andrew Martin is Associate Professor and International Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Education and Social Work at the University of Sydney (and Visiting Fellow, University of Oxford 2007-2008). His special interests are motivation and engagement with particular focus on substantive-methodological synergies that most appropriately answer important and complex educational questions related to motivation, engagement, and achievement.


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