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Goodbye Babylon

Date: 23 June 2008 Time: 1 - 2:30 pm

Allen Shelton is associate professor at Buffalo State College, New York

near Lake Erie. He grew up on a Black Angus farm in northeastern

Alabama. His new book Dreamworlds of Alabama 2007 from the

University of Minnesota Press "striates threads from the author's childhood

with invocations of Kafka, Marx, and Benjamin."

In the past his work was described as autoethnographic but now

practitioners of the genre reject his work as such. "It isn't even about the

self." Instead his "work is part memory, part social theory, part lyrical

evocation of the Appalachian foothills." One reviewer described Shelton

as "a monastic insect knight on the run…. a gracehopper." "In the end

Shelton stands in the midst of the family property he no longer owns," an

exile unrecognizable as a Southerner. "Goodbye Babylon."

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