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Research Seminar: Travels in Inhumanity: Véronique Tadjo's Tourism in Rwanda

Date: 28 January 2009 Time: 5.00 pm

DELC Research Seminar. Nicki Hitchcott (Nottingham University) will give a talk entitled 'Travels in Inhumanity: Véronique Tadjo's Tourism in Rwanda'.

Bowland North Seminar Room 14

Africans, particularly women, rarely assume the travel writer's gaze. The traveller is generally assumed to be white, Western and male. In 1998, Ivorian author, Véronique Tadjo, travelled to Rwanda with a group of other African writers to reflect upon and write and about the 1994 genocide. This paper will focus on L'Ombre d'Imana: voyages jusqu'au bout du Rwanda (2000), the travel narrative she published as a result of her trip. It will analyse the ways in which Tadjo positions herself and her reader as an ambiguous tourist in Rwanda and how, in doing so, she succeeds in challenging received ideas about the genocide.


Nicki Hitchcott is Associate Professor in the Department of French and Francophone Studies at the University of Nottingham. She has published widely on African women's writing in French and is now working on fiction commemorating the Rwandan genocide. Her most recent book, Calixthe Beyala: Performances of Migration, was published by Liverpool University Press in 2006.



Who can attend: Anyone


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