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Gendered Fields: Feminists Re-Think Neo-Liberalism: work/space and making a difference

Date: 14 January 2009 Time: 2.00 - 6.00 pm

We would like to announce two forthcoming workshops which aim to explore gender, difference and diversity in the context of spatiality, work, workplaces and neo-capitalism. The workshops are organised by Anne Cronin (Sociology) and Elaine Swan (Management) through the Centre for Gender & Women's Studies and are funded by the IAS.


Recent debates on neo-capitalism have emphasised its processual, performative nature (e.g. Thrift). But little attention has been paid in these accounts to the role of gender, difference and diversity in this processual 'making' or social generation. In contrast, feminist analyses have, for many years, explored how such differences are 'made' or 'performed' and act to make social relations. One important type of feminist analysis involves ethnographic accounts of how neoliberalism - in its various forms - is shaping women's work, their workplaces and their 'doing of politics' (for example, Heymann, 2006; Parrenas, 2001; Laurie and Bondi, 2005; Aguiar and Herod, 2006). Together, this work raises important questions about space as performative and gendered, the multiple spaces of neoliberalism and changing spatialities of gendered work, resistance and politics which we wish to explore at the two workshops.


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Organising departments and research centres: Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Institute for Advanced Studies, Management Development Division, Sociology


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