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LVLT & CRG joint meeting: Andrew Hardie 'Extending a corpus analysis tool to support the analysis of field data: Bodo and Dimasa data in the CQPweb system'

Date: 1 November 2010 Time: 3.00-4.00 pm

Venue: IAS meeting room 1

There will be a joint meeting to the Language Variation and Linguistic Theory group and the Corpus Research Seminar on Monday 1 November 2010 (LVLTers, note change of day).

Extending a corpus analysis tool to support the analysis of field data: Bodo and Dimasa data in the CQPweb system

Andrew Hardie(Lancaster University)

The sub-disciplines of corpus linguistics on the one hand, and field linguistics (and typology) on the other, share a number of core concerns. Most notably, both are data-centric approaches to the study of language: collecting, annotating and analysing examples of language use is at the core of the methodology in both cases. But to date there has been relatively little interaction between the two fields, although arguably several of the technologies developed within corpus linguistics could, with relatively minor modification, be usefully applied to the storage, dissemination and exploitation of field data.

In this presentation, I will use samples of data from two languages of north-east India, namely Bodo and Dimasa, to give a practical illustration of how a single corpus analysis tool (a) can be extended and enhanced to handle field data optimally and (b) can be used to facilitate certain forms of analysis and to simplify some aspects of the process of data dissemination. The corpus tool in question is CQPweb, a graphical front-end to the Open Corpus Workbench (CWB). CQPweb was originally developed to support research and teaching in corpus linguistics at Lancaster University; however, recent work on the system has extended its capabilities with the aim of making it a useful tool for linguists with a range of interests.

I will explain how certain aspects of the CQPweb system - in particular, its visualisation of search results - have been amended to support work with field data, most notably to allow the rendering of the traditional three-line-example format within a concordance. I will also demonstrate the compatibility of CQPweb's underlying data model with annotated field data, and illustrate some steps towards automating the process of importing field data to the system.


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Associated staff: Andrew Hardie, Kevin Watson

Organising departments and research centres: Language Variation and Linguistic Theory (LVLT), Linguistics and English Language, University Centre for Computer Corpus Research on Language (UCREL)


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