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Barbara Johnstone (Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh) to give workshop entitled 'A Heuristic Approach to Discourse Analysis'

Date: 1 March 2011 Time: 10.30-13.00

Venue: Management School, LT6

Places limited: please pre-register with Paul Kerswill

Abstract: Discourse analysts pose many different questions and propose many different sorts of answers to them. Some of these questions are explicitly "critical," in the sense that they are aimed at exposing mechanisms of power and exploitation. But discourse analysts also have other agendas. In this workshop we will work with a framework for thinking about discourse that is meant to raise multiple questions about why texts take the shapes they do, from questions about power to questions about grammar, social relations, media, intertextuality, and rhetorical aims. The framework consists of six questions we can ask as a preliminary step in discourse analysis, questions about how texts are made possible and how they are constrained. In the workshop I will first discuss these heuristic questions, and then we will work jointly to ask and answer them about a short text. The workshop is meant for discourse analysts at all levels, including beginners.


Who can attend: Anyone


Further information

Associated staff: Paul Kerswill

Organising departments and research centres: Language, Ideology and Power Group (LIP), Language Variation and Linguistic Theory (LVLT), Linguistics and English Language


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