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CGWS - Growing Intimate Privatepublics: The Material and Affective Practices of the Lik:t Allotment

Date: 31 May 2012 Time: 13.00 - 14.00

Venue: Bowland North SR26

Dr Niamh Moore, CRESC, University of Manchester Growing Intimate Privatepublics: The Material and Affective Practices of the Lik:t Allotment

Lik:t is a 'young women's peer health project run by and for young lesbian and bisexual women', and runs an organic allotment as one of its activities. The paper explores how the allotment project might be understood to be intensely engaged in 'growing intimate publics', or what we term 'privatepublics' (following Haraway's 'naturecultures'). These intimate privatepublics might be understood to offer a resourceful counter to tendencies towards privatising that which was previously public (eg in processes of urban development and regeneration, often relying on rather different public private partnerships), whilst at the same time bringing into the public domain that which has been seen to be private (sexuality). We trace how these growing privatepublics emerge in ways which create intimate private spaces in the apparently public domain, and how the boundaries of public and private are constantly refigured. These are paradoxical intimacies, privatepublic spaces which are not necessarily made possible in the usual private sphere of domestic homes, but which materialise on an apparently public allotment site in Manchester.The allotment project also generates privatepublic intimacies through the sharing of the often privatised and domesticated practice of cooking and eating meals. The paper will trace how affective and intimate ties materialise through the project, in the practice of collectively growing, cooking and eating food together, and in the insistence on relationships between sustaining land, food and people.


Who can attend: Anyone


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