The Creative Exchange Launch and call for Arts and Humanities Researchers

Date:30 March 2012

The Creative Exchange Launch and call for Arts and Humanities Researchers

You may be aware that we have an AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub "The Creative Exchange". In our grant we have funding for A&H academics to join the project. This is not limited to A&H academics at Lancaster or our partner institutions Newcastle and RCA, but to A&H academics nationwide. We are open to any discipline, our theme is the Digital Public Space, and how it will be used in relation to Language, Culture, History, Media, Ethics, Law indeed any discipline in the Arts and humanities

Therefore I wanted to make you aware of our first call to A&H academics to join us at a workshop to start to develop the clusters and collaboration.

The workshop will be on 15 May followed by a Conference on 16 May. The call for Academics is on our website:

What is The Creative Exchange

The Creative Exchange is a Knowledge Exchange (KE) Hubs for the Creative Economy established in January 2012 by the AHRC. Its focus will be on expanding the creative economy through innovation and knowledge exchange in the digital public space by bringing together pioneering companies with the best academic thinkers. The Creative Exchange unites interdisciplinary design innovation labs at Lancaster University, Royal College of Art and Newcastle University. It responds to profound changes in practice in the creative and media based industries stimulated by the opening of the digital public space.

What is the Digital Public Space?

For Arts and Humanities researchers new technology generally is reshaping how we experience culture and the digital public space is simply one of the most overt manifestations of that trend.

The digital public space enables anyone, anywhere, anytime on any device to access, explore and create with all the digitized cultural content created by museums, galleries, libraries, broadcasters and the media, and other public sector bodies, newly made available through the web.

News website:

Further Information

Organising departments and research centres:Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts
  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)
  • The LICA Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YW, UK