Re-enchantment & Reclamation - AHRC Landscape & Environment Programme - Launch

Date:7 November 2006
Time:03.00-06.00 pm


Re-Enchantment & Reclamation: New Perceptions of Morecambe Bay Through Dance, Film and Sound

Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)

Project Launch with John Fox & Stephen Powell

3 - 6 p.m.

Tuesday 7 November 2006

Institute for Advanced Studies, Meeting Rooms 2-3

Lancaster University

On 7 November 2006,

John Fox (co-founder of Welfare State International and ex-artistic director of the Lanternhouse in Ulverston, Cumbria) and Stephen Powell (writer and producer, and new creative director of Lanternhouse International) will talk about their important and groundbreaking work in community theatre and the local landscape of Morecambe Bay. John Fox will discuss how his current work as a solo artist continues his longstanding ecological and political engagement with place. Particular attention here will be placed on exploring future projects in and for the area, and on Welfare State International's final production 'Longline:A Carnival Opera', which specifically focussed on Morecambe Bay. Stephen Powell will describe how Lanternhouse International sets out to create work that resonates with a sense of place and people, and, at the same time, champions art/performance as a necessary part of life in the changing landscape of the community. He will also outline the company's forthcoming programme of work in this area and beyond, including projects such as Cumbria Ugly, and other work in Liverpool and Manchester.

Re-enchantment and Reclamation is a two-year AHRC research project which aims to develop methods in dance, film, and the sonic arts for transforming the perceptions that communities have of the place to which they belong. In collaboration with artists and thinkers of international distinction, the project consists of 10 three-hour public lectures and 4 week-long workshops.

Dates For Your Diary - Other Public Lectures 2006-2007

Louise Wilson

6 December 2006

George Fox Building, LT2

NVA (tbc)

21 February 2007

George Fox Building, LT2

Mike Pearson and Heike Roms

9 May 2007

George Fox Building, LT2

Public Lectures 2007-8

Subject to confirmation, presenters in the second year of the project will include Arnold Berleant (environmental philosopher), Patrick Keiller (film-maker), Christopher Meigh-Andrews (visual artist and writer), John Rodwell (scientist and priest), and David Troop (sonic artist).


April 2007

Jennifer Monson (USA)

Water Log: Dancing in-between the Wet and Dry

Dance improvisation and the dynamic eco-systems of zones in-between land and sea.

September 2007

Chris Welsby (Canada)

Natural Interventions: Technology and Representation

Technologies that allow wind, cloud and water movement to play an active part in film making.

April 2008

Graeme Miller (UK)

Ecologies of Narrative: Memories of Water

Landscape as an ecology of memory and a site of mourning.

July 2008

Ambrose Field (UK)

Sounding Environment: Listening to Land

Technologies in capturing and presenting sound that foster a new relationship between composer and landscape

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