Moving-image landscapes

Date:05 December - 13 December 2007


Title: Moving-image landscapes

Place: The Dukes Gallery

Time: 7.30 Wed 12 December

Note from Patrick:

Adorno wrote: 'for a man without a homeland, writing becomes a place to live'. If one can live, instead, in film-making, or in films, then if anyone were to ask me where I come from, I would probably say that I am from Quatermass II. I would like to be from somewhere like Le Crime de Monsieur Lange but, sadly, I'm not. Nevertheless, for me, the political purpose of films is to remind us that things do not always have to be the way they are now. These are thoughts encountered during a current project The Future of Landscape and the Moving Image. I am looking forward to visiting Lancaster, which is close to my place of birth and the nurseries of W Robinson & Son, the home of the mammoth onion.

Patrick Keiller's films include London (1994) and Robinson in Space (1997). He is a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Art. His exhibition The City of the Future is at BFI Southbank (23 Nov 2007 3 Feb 2008).

Who can attend:Anyone

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