An Evening of Cutting Edge Performance

Date:9 February 2008
Time:7.30 pm


is proud to present the first in a series of groundbreaking live performances also to be filmed for broadcast on the web - in collaboration with LICA, PSAPPHA and the BBC:

LIVE! Saturday 9th February 2008, 7.30pm

Larry Goves Four Letter Words (Psappha/SPNM commission)

György Kurtág Signs, Games and Messages

György Kurtág Scenes from a Novel °

György Ligeti Aventures & Nouvelles Aventures *

Nicholas Kok conductor

Maria Husmann soprano ° * Jane Manning soprano * * Jessica Walker mezzo-soprano * * Dean Robinson baritone *

Music can speak to us as directly as words do. Here are three composers fascinated by how music can mimic, reinforce or alter vocal utterance - how instruments can sing, and how singers can take words into other regions of feeling and time. Now in his 80s, György Kurtág creates fractured miniatures that require singers and instrumentalists to perform at peak intensity: moments of raw emotion and existential doubt that are at once exquisite and vital.

The work by his fellow Hungarian György Ligeti is a comic opera without words. Three singers go through a hilarious and touching routine, finding ways to express themselves, and to reach each other, in a language of sound and emotion

Young Manchester-based composer Larry Goves takes up the challenge in his own equally individual way.

Tickets: £10 (no concessions - unreserved seating) £5.50 Young person

Box office: 01524 594151 : Book online at

Lancaster International Concert Series, Lancaster University, Lancaster. LA1 4YW

Who can attend:Anyone

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