The Last Supper - Reckless Sleepers

Date:4 March-6 March 2009
Time:8.00 pm

The Nuffield Theatre at Lancaster University Presents:


Reckless Sleepers

8pm Wednesday 4th - Friday 6th March

£10 / £7 concessions (limited seating - advance booking recommended)

The past, present and future of UK/Belgian performance company Reckless Sleepers is being played out at The Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster as part of our celebration of 20 years of startling performances. Last season saw company members pretending to be George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of Wham! in The Pilots, and next year we will be commissioning the company's new show, which is set to include a duet with a melting snowman. To close our Spring '09 season, we are delighted to present one of the very best pieces from their back catalogue - The Last Supper.

Reckless Sleepers invite you to dinner, to The Last Supper, to sample the last meal requests of the famous and the not so famous. From Marilyn Monroe to Beethoven to prisoners on death row, this intimate and unusual performance serves a startling set of last statements, last meals and last minute scenarios to a limited audience of 39 people. Sit, sip your wine, and watch as last words are literally eaten before your eyes.

Who can attend:Anyone

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