Martina Gross, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt - LICA Seminar Series 2009

Date:10 June 2009

LICA Seminar Series 2009.

Speaker: Martina Gross, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt - LICA Seminar Series 2009.

Venue: Lancaster University, Bowland North, Seminar Room 10.

Title: Landscapes of Contemporary German Theatre.

Landscapes of Contemporary German Theatre

This seminar will investigate different forms and practices of contemporary German theatre. As will be seen there is no unity of 'style' in contemporary German theatre. Contradictory positions about the status of the text, new theatre forms and their multiple relations to performance, dance and media arts appear in traditional theatre institutions (state theatres) as well as in the off-theatre scene.

Based on examples of actual performances and plays by Christoph Marthaler, René Pollesch, Christoph Schlingensief, Falk Richter and the international performance-collective andcompany&Co. The following issues will be raised: Why is German history and its implicated conflicts interesting for a development of diverse forms in contemporary theatre? How can we define this formal intervention in a so called postdramatic sense? In which way are German dramatists dealing with social issues upcoming through actual changes (economy, media, politics, etc.)? Can we observe a coherence between recent transformations of theatre practice and the academic development in the field of theatre studies/performing arts?

Who can attend:Anyone

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