Elfriede Jelinek's Early Feminist Plays

Date:21 October 2009
Time:4.00 pm

Lancaster colleagues Allyson Fiddler (DELC) and Karen Juers-Munby (LICA) will discuss Nobel-prize winning writer Elfriede Jelinek with colleagues from Salzburg (Christa Gürtler) and Arizona State (Gita Honegger). The particular focus will be on Jelinek's early plays and the question of their shelf-life - are her Ibsen sequel What Happened After Nora Left her Husband, Clara S. and Sickness, or Modern Women still relevant plays today?

p.s. The video conference was broadcast live on the internet and can now be re-viewed on the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre's webpages.

This is a video conference and will be conducted in German, though we will be able to translate questions if you want to put these in English. Participants are most welcome. For organisational reasons we would be grateful if you can contact us in advance - by emailing either Allyson: A.Fiddler@lancaster.ac.uk or Karen: K.Juers-Munby@lancaster.ac.uk

Event website:http://www.elfriede-jelinek-forschungszentrum.com/home/
Who can attend:Anyone

Further Information

Associated staff:Allyson Fiddler, Karen Juers-Munby
Organising departments and research centres:European Languages and Cultures, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts
  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)
  • The LICA Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YW, UK