Lecture: "Would we leave it to wild urbanization?" by Anna Meroni of Politecnico di Milano

Date:25 November 2009
Time:18:00 - 19:30

ImaginationLancaster presents a lecture by Anna Meroni of Politecnico di Milano

"Would we leave it to wild urbanization?"

Strategic Design for territorial development. A service oriented approach.

The very idea of design is fast changing and moving towards a more holistic and systemic approach, where processes, territories, competences and people are all elements to consider in the design action. The designer works more and more at the level of scenario producing powerful visions and making them desirable, sharable and possible so as to generate frameworks of sense for innovation. Strategic Design is about evolution and radical changes: it is a way to work with scenarios that can stimulate companies or social systems to new ways of thinking and designing their future, taking in account new criteria and values. Territorial systems can also benefit from a strategic design approach. The presentation will introduce some concepts and approaches of strategic and service design, through presenting research projects for the sustainable territorial development of agricultural periurban areas in Italy, China and Brasil.

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Lecture 6.00 - 7.00pm, followed by questions

IAS MR2/3, Lancaster University

Anna Meroni, architect and designer, works as Assistant Professor at the research unit DIS, Design and Innovation for Sustainability, of the INDACO Department, Politecnico di Milano. Her research interests are service design and system strategic innovation towards sustainability: her main area of interest and investigation is social innovation, with a particular focus on the transformation of the current food system.

Who can attend:Anyone

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