LICA Research Seminar: Adam Lindsay on Text as Human-Computer Interface: Designing for Play, Brevity and Creativity

Date:2 March 2010
Time:4.00 pm

Adam Lindsay ( Lancaster University, Computing), Text as the Human-Computer Interface: Designing for Play, for Brevity, and for Creativity.


Three recent projects have revealed themselves to have common design threads running through them. LOLCODE is a jocular "esoteric programming language" based on a recently evolved internet dialect not unrelated to "txt spk." Recomme is a Twitter "'bot" that responds to commands with recommendations for musical groups. Recent contributions to the Echo Nest Remix API changed its fairly prosaic computer programming style to an expressive, terse language that has qualities in common with Domain Specific Languages and Fluent Programming styles.

This talk reflects upon the largely organic design process leading to each, contrasts examples in similar domains, and explores how to make the textual communications channel comprehensible to both people and computers. Each project shared goals of playfulness, brevity, and creativity, but in different proportions. The results of the design processes shared these qualities -- and a faint familial resemblance--but had very different public reactions.

Who can attend:Anyone

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