Forced Migration: Challenges and Prospects in the Current Global Context

Date:20 October 2010
Time:11.45am - 5.30pm

'Forced Migration: Challenges and Prospects in the Current Global Context'.

Wednesday 20 October, 2010.

Workshop with Professor Linda Briskman (Curtin) and Associate Professor Alison Mountz (Syracuse)


Catered Lunch for Presenters: 11.45-12.45pm: County South B89.

Workshop: 1.00pm-5.30pm: Institute for Advanced Studies, MR1.


1.00pm-2.30pm: Session One

Vicky Mason (Politics, Philosophy and Religious Studies): "The discourse of pan-Arab hospitality and the mobility of refugees in the Middle East".

Georgina Firth (Law): "The Detention of Children in Asylum seeking families".

Nina Caspersen (Politics, Philosophy and Religious Studies): "The Armenian Diaspora and its effect on the Nagorno Karabakh peace process".

2.30pm-4.00pm: Session Two

Paul Baker (Linguistics and English Language): "When is an asylum seeker not an asylum seeker? Immigration in the UK press 1996-2005: a corpus-based approach".

Ruth Wodak (Linguistics and English Language): "Talking/Writing about Migrants - recent experiences from the Viennese election campaign 2010".

Julie Hearn (Politics, Philosophy and Religious Studies): "'Irregular' Latin American migrants and the struggle for employment rights in London".

4.00pm-4.15pm: Tea/Coffee Break

4.15pm-5.30pm: Session Three

Imogen Tyler (Sociology): "Naked Protest: the reproductive politics of migration".

Bruce Bennett (Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts): "Michael Winterbottom and the cinema of borders".

Who can attend:Anyone

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