Field recordings seminar

Date:18 November 2010
Time:5.30 pm

Thursday 18 November 2010, 5.30 pm. (A29 LICA building)

Field recordings seminar

Three artists from different fields discuss the use of field recordings for various research projects.Presentations, listening examples and roundtable with Amanda Belantara (visual anthropology), Chris Boyko (design) and Felipe Otondo (music).

Amanda Belantara: Sound and Field Recordings in Anthropology

Amanda will give a brief outline of the ways in which field recordings have been used Anthropology. She will discuss the methodological approach to exploring sonic experience, which includes the use of collaborative sound recording with the hopes of generating a shared acoustemology. She will also share clips and recordings from a collective exploration of sound carried out during an artist in residence period in Western Japan.

Sound and the city: Using sound recordings in social science research to understand urban issues.

Chris Boyko, Senior Research Associate in Imagination Lancaster, will discuss how social scientists use sound recordings in urban environments to complimentpredominantly visual or textual data collection techniques in an effort tounderstand issues, such asquality of life andeveryday lived experiences in cities. Two examples from the VivaCity2020 project and the New Interaction Order project will be described.

Distant voices: composing with field recordings and in-situ interviews

Felipe Otondo will show examples of location recordings done at various religious events in Mexico and Chile early this year. He will discuss the challenges of combining field recordings and speech recordings for compositions. A soundwalk recreation through Mexico city will be played and discussed with participants.

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