CeMoRe Annual Research Day 2011

Date:25 May 2011
Time:9.30am to 5.00pm

CeMoRe Research Day 2011
CeMoRe Research Day 2011

As regulars will know this is intended to be a forum where Lancaster colleagues present short papers on their 'mobilities' research. We are happy to have contributions on new ideas, research in progress and finished research projects. The idea is to explore the diversity of mobilities research at Lancaster, to generate discussion and facilitate new research links.

Could you please inform Pennie Drinkall if you wish to attend the day p.drinkall 'at' lancaster.ac.uk by 19 May.

CeMoRe Research Day: Wednesday 25th May 2011, Bowland North Seminar Room 20


9.15: Registration

9.30 - 10.45:

Introduction and welcome: Colin Pooley (LEC)

Session 1: Travel practices and identities - Chair: Tim Dant (Sociology)

Dave Horton (LEC) - Understanding walking and cycling: some results and reflections

Gabriel Jderu (Sociology, Univ of Bucharest) - Motorcycle as Figuration: Three Stages of Motorcycling Culture in Romania

Jill Ebrey (Film and Media, University of Chester) - The Bus and the City

10.45-11.00: Coffee


Session 2: New perspectives on mobilities research (1) - Chair: John Urry (Sociology)

Tony Gatrell (School of Health and Medicine) - Mobilities and the well-being agenda

Monika Büscher and Lucas Introna (Sociology) - Mobilities in crisis

Griet Scheldeman (LEC) - Street Matters: hands-on ways of disseminating mobility research

Alan Beattie (CeMoRe) - Manic mobility and liquid capitalism: from economic geography to critical psychiatry?

Brian Green (ISS) - Mobile Lancaster project

1.00-1.45: Lunch

1.45 -3.30

Session 3: New perspectives on mobilities research (2) - Chair: David Tyfield (Sociology)

Siobhan McGrath (LEC) - A Multi-dimensional Concept of 'Slave Labour': Evidence from Brazil

Tim Dant and Ruth McNally (Sociology) - Catalyst - using new technology to help citizen groups

Lynsey Hanley (English) - Up The Hill Backwards: a journey through class and culture in Britain

Maria Ferrario (InfoLab) - Transport in Crisis: A Social Media Perspective

3.30 - 3.45: Tea

3.45 -5.00

Session 4: Systems of travel - Chair: Colin Pooley (LEC)

James Faulconbridge (LEC) - Disruption: a lens for understanding travel practice as socio-technical systems?

Satya Hazareesingh (CeMoRe) - Dependence, Orchestration and Autonomy on the Road

Closing discussion

Who can attend:Anyone
  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)
  • The LICA Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YW, UK