LICA Seminar - Leo Duff, Seeking Subject and Purpose Through Drawing

Date:7 June 2011
Time:5.00 pm

This seminar looks at how research, process and purpose have driven the drawings to new subjects. Which comes first? How can we analyse drawing methodologies and what are the parallels between the practice of drawing and archaeology?

Leo Duff works as a maker of drawn images to do with A Sense of Place. The juxtaposition of buildings, urban, rural, coastal landscapes and the environments of various forms of architecture from the vernacular to the grandiose have taken her over the world on commissioned work and to develop themes for exhibition in the UK.

Series of works carried out in Ireland, Korea, Taiwan and China examine and play with the processes of western drawing along side those of east Asian ink painting. Technique, theory, mediums and materials are compared and contrasted. Working through drawing Leo Duff has explored the use and reuse of stone in the built environment through the construction and deconstruction of architecture, rural and urban. The movement of stone is examined along with loss and recovery of object and meaning.

Leo Duff's current projects explore common tools used in building and the way stone is materialised on archaeological sites in the landscape surrounding Stonehenge. Work created alongside archaeologists during four residencies to do with Stonehenge Riverside Project on excavations and at Salisbury & South West Museum continues the theme of the drawings

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