Live at LICA gallery opening: Franko B

Date:20 October 2011
Time:6.30 pm

Franko B is an instinctive and directartist whose unique consideration of himself and what it is to be human is internationally recognised in a practice that spans performance, live art, installation and sculpture. In a display containing newly commissioned work, Peter Scott Gallery presents an installation that focuses on the fate of animals, who for Franko B "represent the balance of life".

There is darkness in the work, a sense of gothic terror and romance, but also a sense of new purpose for the objects and animals on display - they have been saved from demise and given a new lease of life. Furthermore the artist is present, prepared and presented like the other exhibits. Franko draws a line between himself and these animals, and shares their vulnerability in being on display.

Meanwhile in the Manton Room is a solo display of Rachel Goodyear's recent work, where you will find two of the Peter Scott Gallery collection's most recent acquisitions:cave that coughedandgirl who strokesbees.

The exhibition runs daily Monday-Saturday, until 12th November.

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