Sociology and CGWS Seminar with Sirma Bilge

Date:28 February 2012

Doing Critical/Queer Intersectionality in an Age of Popular and Corporate Diversity Culture

Sirma Bilge (Université de Montréal)

What are the main challenges faced by those committed to intersectionality as a social justice oriented research paradigm and activist project in an age imbued with popular and corporate diversity culture?

Drawing on critical work showing evidence of the adverse effects of neoliberal diversity rhetorics and practices on progressive politics, my presentation takes issue with some troubling tendencies observed within intersectionality scholarship and activism, such as its ornamental deployments and whitening, which will be considered against the backdrop of increasing normativity of intersectionality to signify the "diversity competency" of its claimers.

It will then elaborate on the necessity of up-holding and extending the productively tensioned dialogue between intersectionality and queer theory (initiated mainly by activist scholars affiliated to queer of colour critique, queer anti-racism and queer diasporas/migration studies) as these critical thoughts might compensate some of their respective weaknesses, and complement and challenge each other, in order to firm up the foundations of a queer intersectionality.

Please join us for discussion in the Sociology department after the seminar.There will also be adinner at the Sun Café at 7PM (self pay) - please email AnneMarie Fortier if you would like to come along.

Who can attend:Anyone

Further Information

Organising departments and research centres:Centre for Gender and Women's Studies, Culture, Theory, Context, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, Law, Literature and Gender, Sociology
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