Karen Juers-Munby talks on Elfriede Jelinek - DELC Research Seminar

Date:29 February 2012
Time:1.00 pm

DELC Research Seminar

Art and Cultural Production within Institutions and on the Margins of Society

Karen Juers-Munby (Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts)

The Innovative Production Concept and Parasitic Politics of Elfriede Jelinek's 'Secondary Drama': Abraumhalde and Faust In and Out

In his essay "How political is postdramatic theatre?", Hans-Thies Lehmann has argued that "in theatre the political can appear only indirectly, at an oblique angle, modo obliquo" (Lehmann 2002: 16). In this presentation I would like to argue that this is the case with Elfriede Jelinek's new genre of the 'secondary drama', which is designed to be performed alongside a classical drama and thus to come at its politics sideways and from the margins. It does so by creating resonances and disturbances in performance. With reference to Michel Serre, I argue that the political here emerges in the in-between space opened up by the disrupting secondary drama as a parasitic agent. Initially triggered by a commission by the Thalia Theater, Hamburg, Jelinek's secondary drama is not simply a literary innovation but programmatically aims at innovative forms of theatre programming, processes and productions. These will be addressed by analysing Nicolas Stemann's production of Gottholt Ephraim Lessing's Nathan der Weise with Jelinek's Abraumhalde at the Thalia Theater.

Who can attend:Anyone

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