Mobilizing Emergency/Disaster Response: Workshop

Date:10 September 2012
Time:9.00am to 5.30pm

As the 21st Century is taking shape, complexity and brittleness of infrastructures, increased frequency of disasters, and the potential of digital technology to support collaboration invite innovation. This workshop considers directions of innovation against a backdrop of real world examples, presented by Heiko Werner, head of the German Civil Protection Agency and other speakers. We will explore opportunities and challenges that arise from different academic, industrial, ICT and design perspectives.

Participation and contributions are invited, ranging from participation in sandpit working groups, to short talks and posters.Topics of interest include:

  • changing contexts of emergency/diaster response resource shortages, climate change, terrorism, culture of fear, cybersecurity
  • changing practices of mobilizing emergency/disaster response
  • challenges of inter-organizational cooperation
  • the role of the media and the changing nature of 'regarding the suffering of others'
  • social media 'crisis informatics', the formation and diffusion of mobile 'issue' publics in response to crises
  • the potential of technologies to support emergency/disaster response
  • dangers of a creeping securitization/militarization of societies

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Who can attend:Anyone
  • Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA)
  • The LICA Building, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YW, UK