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Aproaches to 'theory of mind': Perspectives from Philosophy and Psychology

Date: 18 March-30 March 2010 Time: 9.45am

Venue: D18 Fylde, Lancaster University

Approaches to 'theory of mind': Perspectives from Philosophy and Psychology

30th March 2010

9.45am to 17:00pm

D18 Fylde Building, Lancaster University, UK

Supported by the British Society for the Philosophy of Science

This workshop aims to bring together PhD students and established researchers in the field of theory-theory and simulation theory or theory of mind. This event is free and open to anyone who is conducting research into theory-theory and simulation theory and theory of mind. Places are limited however. Please emailMeredith Wilkinsonif you wish to register for this event. m.r.wilkinson@lancaster.ac.uk

Confirmed Speakers

Keynote address 1: Fenja Ziegler (Nottingham) The puzzle of social cognition: How can we put together the pieces.

Keynote address 2: Matthew Ratcliffe (Durham)

Bryony Pierce (Bristol) Is it mind that matters.

Macarena Silva Trujilo (Lancaster) The influence of home literacy in the comprehension and inclusion of mental states in preschoolers narrative.

Meredith Wilkinson (Lancaster) Arbitrating between theory driven and simulation driven reasoning in counterfactual reasoning via the deployment of think-aloud protocols.

Bill Wringe (Bilkent, Turkey) Folk Psychology defending the very idea.


Who can attend: Anyone


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