International Observatory on End of Life Care

Welcome to the International Observatory on End of Life Care.  We aim to conduct high quality cutting edge research and provide innovative educational programmes to improve palliative and end of life care for patients and family carers.

  • Excellent research = patient and carer focused research drawing from clinical and social science perspectives to contribute to end of life care knowledge, theory and practice.
  • Innovative education = to prepare and inspire future leaders in palliative care research and practice.
  • Partnership for impact = working closely with local, national and international health and social care communities to create practical and academic impacts from our research and education. 

Death and Dying at Lancaster. Monday 18th December 1 – 4pm. Furness LT3/Foyer

Are you interested in researching or talking about or discussing death and dying? You might call it palliative care, end of life, mortality, thanatology or more? You might work in psychology, sociology, religion, health, ethics, computing, engineering, chemistry, physics, linguistics, management, art or .... ?? You can find out more and meet like-minded people at our Lancaster University event?

WHO ARE WE: We are the International Observatory on End of Life Care at Lancaster University. We want to bring people together who work in similar or related fields across the University.

WHY DO WE WANT TO MEET: To network with like-minded people and to facilitate cross-disciplinary and innovative approaches to work in this field. Who knows where this might lead, but hopefully it will provoke interesting discussions to start with, new collaborations, papers, grant applications or more. You might currently work in work related to death and dying, or have an interest in working in this area. Cross-disciplinary discussion and innovations are central to moving forwards work in this area, and this work will link to the new Health Innovation Campus and the cross University work associated with these developments.

WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO: Just book a (free) place at our event (lunch provided) and turn up ready to listen, meet and discuss. There are some short 5 minute slots to introduce your work to kickstart discussions. Let Catherine Walshe ( know if you want to present a brief overview of your work/interest in this area to pique people's ideas on potential collaborations.

TO BOOK: Visit our Eventbrite page here:


Contact Us

If you would like to speak to a particular person, select "Staff" from the tab menu above, where all current members of staff can be found.

For all other questions, please contact one of the members of staff below, who will be happy to help:

Catherine Walshe
International Observatory on End of Life Care
Division of Health Research
Faculty of Health and Medicine
Furness Building
Lancaster University
Tel: (0)1524 510124
Email: Catherine Walshe

Jan Lyons
PA/Secretary to Professor Sheila Payne
Address as above
Tel: (0)1524 593309
Email: Jan Lyons

Anthony Greenwood
Information Officer
Address as above
Tel: (0)1524 594976
Email: Anthony Greenwood