Study Abroad

Exchange Year in USA/Canada

Students should be aware that the Department participates in an Exchange Programme with North American universities. The programme operates independently of the one tailored expressly for American Studies students. During their second year, such exchange students in effect do their second year modules in the U.S. or Canada and then return to do a 'normal' third year here. To find out more visit the University Study Abroad pages.

They should be aware that although fees and living expenses (room and board) are 'exchanged', the programme still involves extra expenditure that must come from the participants.

Third-Year Courses for Returning Lancaster Students in North America

All history students in North American universities on our second-year exchange programme are required to register their choice of Part II history courses to be taken in their third year in Lancaster. The link below gives you some information on the courses available.

All students take four courses in their third year. History majors typically take one Special Subject (counting as two courses), the dissertation, and one other course (not necessarily in History). History joint majors typically take two units (from the Level 2xx modules) in History. Please note that unforeseeable circumstances mean that we can give no absolute guarantee that a particular course will run. Note also that for home students, work on the dissertation begins in the Summer term.