What Will You Study

The History degree at Lancaster will develop your critical abilities within a vibrant department of like-minded students, tutors and expert scholars.

Your first year core module ‘History and Historians – from Late Antiquity to the Modern World’ is designed to extend and deepen your knowledge of the past and introduce you to some major historical topics and themes from the period after the Roman Empire to the present day. You will also become more familiar with the wide range of primary sources used by historians in the writing of history. You’ll gain insights into how historians conduct research and interpret the past to better understand the reasons for changing historical interpretations.

In your second and third years you can design your own History degree, focusing on the themes, periods and nations which interest you the most. You can choose from a wide range of options covering British, European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern history, from the eighth century BC to the twentieth century. For example, ‘The Origins and Rise of Islam’, ‘The “Totalitarian” City: Fascist Rome, Nazi Berlin and Soviet Moscow’ and ‘Sex and Violence in Imperial India’.