Lancaster provides a dynamic learning environment for students interested in all aspects of cinema, from film history and theory to film criticism and production.

Alongside theoretical, cultural and historical approaches to film, film studies provides a framework for analysing individual films and understanding the techniques of film production in the context of marketing, distribution, exhibition, and consumption. Film staff are internationally recognised researchers.

BA (Hons) Film is a stimulating and intellectually engaging degree based in the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts. This innovative academic degree recognises cinema's role as a major cultural form and investigates film through a variety of critical, theoretical and historical approaches. The course examines cinema's aesthetic importance in the context of an increasingly visual and media orientated culture, while also investigating the intersections between contemporary art, theatre, music and film. At Lancaster, Film is not intended as a vocational course aimed at training media practitioners, however, all film students have the opportunity to make their own digital film. We have excellent technical resources, including state-of-the-art digital editing equipment housed in Lancaster University Television Unit.


Undergraduate Courses

Film can be studied as a single-honours degree or as a joint subject with Art or Theatre.

PhD Courses

We offer PhD courses in the areas of ArtDesignFilm and Theatre Studies.