Dr Claire Coulton

Liveable Cities Project Officer

Dataset of the livability performance of the City of Birmingham, UK, as measured by its citizen wellbeing, resource security, resource efficiency and carbon emissions
Leach, J.M., Lee, S.E., Boyko, C.T., Coulton, C.J., Cooper, R., Smith, N., Joffe, H., Büchs, M., Hale, J.D., Sadler, J.P., Braithwaite, P.A., Blunden, L.S., De Laurentiis, V., Hunt, D.V., Bahaj, A.S., Barnes, K., Bouch, C.J., Bourikas, L., Cavada, M., Chilvers, A., Clune, S.J., Collins, B., Cosgrave, E., Dunn, N., Falkingham, J., James, P., Kwami, C., Locret-Collet, M., Medda, F., Ortegon, A., Pollastri, S., Popan, C., Psarikidou, K., Tyler, N., Urry, J., Wu, Y., Zeeb, V., Rogers, C.D. 12/2017 In: Data in Brief. 15, p. 691-695. 5 p.
Journal article

Learning from the Victorians: Walkability Lessons for the Design of Future UK Neighbourhoods (breakout presentation)
Boyko, C., Coulton, C., Cooper, R. 12/2017
Meeting abstract

Envisioning urban futures: from narratives to composites
Pollastri, S., Boyko, C.T., Cooper, R., Dunn, N.S., Clune, S.J., Coulton, C.J. 6/09/2017 In: The Design Journal. 20, Suppl. 1, p. S4365-S4377. 13 p.
Journal article

How sharing can contribute to more sustainable cities
Boyko, C.T., Clune, S.J., Cooper, R., Coulton, C.J., Dunn, N.S., Pollastri, S., Leach, J.M., Bouch, C., Cavada, M., De Laurentiis, V., Goodfellow-Smith, M., Hale, J., Hunt, D., Lee, S., Locret-Collet, M., Sadler, J.P., Ward, J., Rogers, C.D., Popan, C., Psarikidou, A., Urry, J.R., Blunden, L., Bourikas, L., Buchs, M., Falkingham, J., Harper, M., James, P., Kamanda, M., Sanches, T., Turner, P., Wu, P., Bahaj, A., Ortegon, A., Barnes, K., Cosgrave, E., Honeybone, P., Joffe, H., Kwami, C., Zeeb, V., Collins, B., Tyler, N. 29/04/2017 In: Sustainability. 9, 5, 16 p.
Journal article

The little book of sharing in the city
Boyko, C.T., Coulton, C.J., Pollastri, S., Clune, S.J., Dunn, N.S., Cooper, R. 8/12/2016 Lancaster : Lancaster University. 42 p. ISBN: 9781862203327.

Using the power of creativity to unlock social capital and economic drivers
Cooper, R., Coulton, C.J., Dunn, N.S. 24/11/2016
Conference paper

Lancaster as a sharing city: an interdisciplinary exploration and thought experiment
Pollastri, S., Cooper, R., Boyko, C.T., Clune, S.J., Dunn, N.S., Coulton, C.J. 4/06/2015
Conference paper