Professor Paul Rodgers

Professor of Design

Research Overview

Paul Rodgers is Professor of Design at Imagination, Lancaster University. His research explores the discipline of design and how disruptive design interventions can enact positive change in health and social care and elsewhere.

Design Research for Change
Rodgers, P.A. 29/05/2018 In: Diseña.
Journal article

Design School: The Future of the Project
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Disrupting Dementia through Design
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Breaking Well-Formed Opinions and Mindsets by Designing with People Living with Dementia
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

The Design of Nothing: A Working Philosophy
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

Why We Need Engineers to Make Art
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Conference contribution

The Lancaster Care Charter
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Journal article

A is for Anthropocene: An A–Z of Design Ecology
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Journal article

Making Sense: Harnessing Communication through Prototyping
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Journal article

Paradoxes in Design Thinking
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Journal article

The Commodity of Trade in Contemporary Design
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Journal article

User-Designed Dementia Care Pathways: A disruptive approach to mapping dementia support services
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Journal article

Comparing University Design Students’ and Tutors’ Perceptions of Creativity
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Journal article

Co-designing with people living with dementia
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Journal article

"Disrupting Dementia" Tartan Co-Design Exhibition
Rodgers, P.A. 25/11/2016

Design Research is Alive and Kicking...
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Conference contribution

An A to Z of Contemporary Design
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Journal article

Designing the "Perfect Day" Service around People Living with Dementia
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Chapter (peer-reviewed)

"Disrupting Dementia" Tartan Design Exhibition
Rodgers, P.A. 23/01/2016