Laura Stiefenhofer

PhD student

Current Research

My PhD research focuses on cognitive processes during collaborative writing of L2 learners in a computer-mediated context.

Over the past years an increasing body of research has studied potential benefits of collaboration for the quality of texts produced by L2 learners and overall L2 learning with mixed results (Storch 2013). In addition, research on task complexity in written contexts has studied the effects of task complexity on the writing product in the context of individual writing (Kormos, 2011; Kuiken and Vedder, 2007; Révész, Kourtali and Mazgutova, 2016).

In my research I aim to explore (1) the cognitive processes which take place when L2 learners work on collaborative writing tasks and (2) how task complexity might affect these processes and the written output. By adopting a mixed-methods approach using eye-tracking, keystroke logging and stimulated recall I intend to investigate cognitive processes during the writing process and their potential relationship to the writing product.