Michael Ratajczak

PhD student

Modelling Changes in the Cognitive Processing of Grammar in Implicit and Explicit Learning Conditions: Insights from an Eye-Tracking Study
Indrarathne, H.D.B.N., Ratajczak, M.P., Kormos, J. 2/05/2018 In: Language Learning.
Journal article

The effect of read-aloud assistance on the text comprehension of dyslexic and non-dyslexic English language learners
Kosak-Babuder, M., Kormos, J., Ratajczak, M., Pizorn, K. 28/02/2018 In: Language Testing.
Journal article

How much exposure is needed for learners to pay attention?: Lessons from an eye-tracking study
Indrarathne, B., Ratajczak, M., Kormos, J. 30/08/2017
Conference paper