Dr Sam Kirkham


Research Overview

My current research investigates phonetic variation and phonological contrast in varieties that are the product of language contact and bilingualism. This typically involves a combination of acoustic phonetics, ultrasound tongue imaging, and fieldwork. I am currently working on an ultrasound study of liquids in British Asian English (with Jessica Wormald, York and JP French Associates), and an acoustic-articulatory study of tongue root vowel contrasts in Akan and Ghanaian English (with Claire Nance, Lancaster). I am also involved in a phonetic description of Dutch Burgher English, which is a contact variety that developed in what is now modern-day Sri Lanka (with Luke Harding & Claire Nance, Lancaster).

I also work on the social meanings of phonetic variation, particularly in multiethnic and high-contact communities. My PhD was a sociolinguistic ethnography of a multiethnic school in the UK, focusing on how adolescents use phonetic variation as a form of social practice. As part of the same project, I also looked at discourses of multiculturalism and diversity in talk by secondary school students. In subsequent research with Emma Moore (Sheffield), I have analysed the 'linguistically-layered' nature of sociolinguistic style, which involved charting the relationship between phonetics, grammar and discourse strategies in constructing a persona in political discourse.

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