Dr Sam Kirkham


Research Overview

I am fascinated by speech as a complex biological, physical, cognitive and social system. I have broad interests that span speech acoustics, kinematics, bilingualism, motor control, sociophonetics, sound change, and laboratory phonology. I study these topics across a range of languages and dialects via fieldwork and laboratory research, using methods such as acoustic analysis, ultrasound imaging and electromagnetic articulography. Some of my ongoing research is outlined below.

Bilingual sound systems and phonological representation

My research investigates how bilingual sound systems work, with a focus on language-specific speech production goals, the nature of phonetic and phonological transfer, and speech development. Much of my research in this area has used ultrasound to image the movements of the tongue during speech. I work on languages including English, Punjabi, Twi, Turkish, Sylheti and Scottish Gaelic.

Collaborators: Kathleen McCarthy (QMUL), Jessica Wormald (JP French forensics lab), Bahar Asku (Lancaster), Claire Nance(Lancaster), Maya Zara (Lancaster), Chloé Diskin (Melbourne), Rosey Billington (Melbourne), Debbie Loakes (Melbourne), Simon Gonzalez Ochoa (ANU)

Sociophonetics and laboratory phonology

My PhD focused on sociophonetic variation in high-contact multiethnic communities, during which I also worked extensively on the social meanings of variation. Since then, our group at Lancaster has documented phonetic and phonological variation in the North West of England, which so far includes research on laterals and intonation. More recently, my interests in this area have shifted towards the intersection of sociophonetics and laboratory phonology, with a focus on sound change. Current research focuses on sound change and rhoticity in Blackburn, and regional vowel variation in a large (4000+ speakers) crowdsourced speech corpus.

Collaborators: Danielle Turton (Newcastle), Georgina Brown (Lancaster), Adrian Leemann (Lancaster), Claire Nance (Lancaster), Bethany Littlewood (Sheffield), Kate Lightfoot (Anglia Ruskin), Eve Groarke (NHS)

Speech production and experimental phonetics

I am interested in speech production, including causal models of speech acoustics, articulation and aerodynamics, mechanisms of speech, and speech motor control. I am currently completing a project on adaptation to an artificial palate, as well as conducting new research on the relationship between laryngeal and supralaryngeal kinematics. I am also committed to descriptive research on a diverse range of languages and dialects, which I believe is really important from a sociocultural perspective and also for comprehensively testing our theories.

Collaborators: Maximilian Topps (Lancaster), Míša Hejná (Aarhus), Emily Gorman (Lancaster), Agnes Henson (Leeds Beckett)

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