Terry McDonough

PhD student

Research Overview

My research interests revolve specifically around three distinct domains: critical discourse analysis, Cognitive Linguistics and cognitive neuroscience. By extension, I am also interested in philosophy of language, evolutionary psychology and theory of mind.

I am currently developing a neurocognitive framework for the analysis of discursive practice(s) with the aim of outlining the relationship between abstract forces, processes and agents in the proliferation of ideational belief systems.

Fields of conceptual coherence: how "making-sense" makes sense
McDonough, T. 19/07/2016
Conference paper

Cognitive economies: the entrenchment of the market in the discourse of pedagogic life
McDonough, T. 18/05/2016
Conference paper

The "general peculiarity" of temporal particularity
McDonough, T. 2015
Conference paper

Part One: English Language
McDonough, T. 1/09/2014 In: English language, literature and creative writing. Anthem Press p. 3-20. 18 p. ISBN: 1783082887, 9781783082889.