Terry McDonough

PhD student

Research Overview

My research interests revolve specifically around three distinct domains: critical discourse analysis, Cognitive Linguistics and cognitive neuroscience. By extension, I am also interested in philosophy of language, evolutionary psychology and theory of mind.

I am currently developing a neurocognitive framework for the analysis of discursive practice(s) with the aim of outlining the relationship between abstract forces, processes and agents in the proliferation of ideational belief systems.

Jonathan Charteris-Black, Fire Metaphors Discourses of Awe and Authority
McDonough, T. 1/12/2017 In: Discourse and Communication. 11, 6, 3 p.
Book/Film/Article review

Editorial: Creating a Third Space
McDonough, T. 1/06/2017 In: PRISM . 1, 1, 13 p.

Imagining the Market: Simulation and Grounded Cognition
McDonough, T. 10/05/2017
Conference paper

Fields of conceptual coherence: how "making-sense" makes sense
McDonough, T. 19/07/2016
Conference paper

Cognitive economies: the entrenchment of the market in the discourse of pedagogic life
McDonough, T. 18/05/2016
Conference paper

The "general peculiarity" of temporal particularity
McDonough, T. 2015
Conference paper

Part One: English Language
McDonough, T. 1/09/2014 In: English language, literature and creative writing. Anthem Press p. 3-20. 18 p. ISBN: 1783082887, 9781783082889.