Dr Vittorio Tantucci

Lecturer in Chinese and Linguistics

Research Overview

As a theoretical linguist, I am interested in the relationship between cognition, pragmatics and historical phenomena of language change, such as grammaticalization, (inter-)subjectification, chunking, entrenchment, constructionalization and semasiology. In addition, my research is also focused on the intersection of online phenomena of speech production and cognitive mechanisms such as cognitive control and Theory of Mind. In my work, I address the latter as:

• a stage of the ontogenetic development of the child (viz. his/her first language acquisition)

• a cognitively triggered stage of diachronic reanalysis of a linguistic construction

• an online form of cognitive awareness which can be operationally/textually observed during adults’ speech events.

Many aspects of my research are centered on Mandarin Chinese and other Sinitic languages addressed from a typological, cognitive and (intercultural-)pragmatic point of view. The semantic-pragmatic-grammatical domains of enquiry of my publications are: grammatical-semantic-pragmatic approaches to evidentiality, epistemic-modality, tense-aspect, factuality (or factivity), cognitive and pragmatic approaches to presuppositions, common ground, assertions and speech act theories.


My methodology is mainly characterized by qualitative and quantitative corpus-based/driven models of analysis, R-based machine-learning modeling, questionnaire-design, typological as well as intercultural-pragmatic comparison, both from a diachronic and a synchronic perspective.

Current Teaching:

I convene the following undergraduate modules:

CHIN100 Chinese Linguistics and Culture

CHIN200 Chinese Linguistics

CHIN201 Chinese Linguistics

CHIN300 Chinese Linguistics and translation

LING490 Cognitive Approaches to English Grammar (MA module)

Dynamic resonance and social reciprocity in language change: The case of Good morrow
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Journal article

An evolutionary approach to semasiological change: Overt influence attempts through the development of the Mandarin 吧-ba particle
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The factualization of ‘I suppose’ in American English: a corpus based study of the subjectification of epistemic predicates toward factuality
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Doctoral Thesis

Immediate and extended intersubjectification: the case of the presuppositional construction [you don’t want x] in British and American English
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Immediate and extended intersubjectification in language change: beyond the opposition between ‘theory-theory’ and ‘simulation-theory’
Tantucci, V. 2014
Conference paper

Interpersonal Evidentiality (IE): the Mandarin V-过 guo construction and other evidential functions of ‘shared knowledge’
Tantucci, V. 2014
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Interpersonal evidentiality: The Mandarin V-过 guo construction and other evidential systems beyond the ‘source of information’
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Tantucci, V. 2009
Master's Thesis

Tantucci, V. 2008
Conference paper