Undergraduate student placement opportunities

Lancaster University Management School has over 200 students each year who are available to undertake placements with organisations. The placements are an assessed part of the student's course. Placements can be of 12, six or three months' duration.

Most undergraduates requiring placements are taking a general management degree called the BBA in Management or the BBA in International Business Management. Other students come from more specialised areas such as Marketing Management, Business Analytics and Consultancy, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Management and IT, Management and Entrepreneurship and Management and Organisational Behaviour.

The students on these courses are of high academic calibre, and employers have found them to be capable, highly motivated and commercially aware. On our Undergraduate Profiles, you'll find many case studies in which our graduates talk about the placements they have completed.

As with all Management School programmes, these courses place a very strong emphasis on practice as well as theory. One of the most important aims of our degrees is to prepare students for a career in management. Placements should therefore involve genuine responsibility for the students.

Lancaster University Management School facilitates, monitors and co-ordinates all placements. At the end of the placements students are expected to submit a report or dissertation (depending on type of placement) on their experience to the Management School.


Further information on all placements can be requested from the LUMS Placements Manager, Juliet Huntington, on 01524 593269, or email j.huntington1@lancaster.ac.uk

BBA Management and specialist degrees in Marketing Management, Advertising and Marketing, Business Analytics and Consultancy, Accounting and Finance, Business Economics, Management and IT, Management and Entrepreneurship and Management and Organisational Behaviour.

Students undertaking a full-year placement will have completed their second year at Lancaster University Management School and will return for their fourth and final year at the end of the placement. The placement therefore forms part of their degree and as such they are required to submit a 40-50 page dissertation on their placement during their final year.

The full-year placement is therefore a very important part of the students' degree. It enables them to gain practical first-hand experience of issues faced in management today and the methods used to tackle them.

Students take on a wide variety of jobs which we consider 'approved employment'. The best placements for both students and employers are those that can be classed as 'real' jobs – work essential to the employer that involves genuine responsibility.

Timescales: Students are available from mid/late June each year, and placements must end in time for them to return to their course at the end of September the following year.

Costs: Students are usually paid a wage of between £15,000 and £18,000 per year, depending on location.