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Looking for a Graduate Job, Placement or Internship?

Alumni contacts could help

Search the LUMS Connect Directory to get unique career insights and support from over 1,200 LUMS alumni volunteers: help with applications, CVs, career choices, work shadowing and more.

It’s easy to contact one of our alumni: simply register, click on the ‘Directory’ tab and ‘Refine your search’ using the drop-down menus. Once you’ve found someone you are interested in contacting, click on their profile, then ‘Request mentor’ button to write your request.

How to guide – LUMS Connect mentor requests

The mentors’ participation on LUMS Connect is voluntary and they have many demands on their time. Whether you’re looking for the answer to just one question or for more extensive support, knowing how to approach mentor volunteers will help you get the most out of this opportunity.

Follow these guidelines to help you make the best approach:

Do your research
Research will enable you to ask more specific questions, which will show the mentor that you are truly interested and increase your chances of receiving a useful reply. Research the Contact’s job title, company and industry to get a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities; also industry news, innovations, products & services, etc. If you want to ask the Contact about job applications, make sure you know all the details that are available online.

Make your message clear
Explain clearly and concisely what support you are looking for. The shorter and more precise your message to the mentor, the greater the chance they will find the time to read it and reply to you.

Be professional -
Make sure that your request is polite and matches the type of support offered by the mentor. Check your grammar and spelling. It is always good to thank the mentor for their time and help.

Lancaster Award

A confirmed mentor link on the platform will also count for 10 points towards your Lancaster Award!

The Lancaster Award rewards you for taking part in those extra-curricular activities outside your academic studies that supplement the excellent education you receive at Lancaster University.

Contact LUMS Alumni Team for further help:

Don’t forget – LUMS Connect is also a great place to keep in touch with fellow Lancaster graduates, to share your updates and engage in discussions, also to keep up to date about LUMS news and events.