Every year more than 130 LUMS undergraduates take a period of paid managerial employment as part of their degree. This industrial placement (IP) takes place in the third year of a four year degree. Each academic department in LUMS now has a placement degree so whatever department you are in you have the chance to take an industrial placement.

Why take a placement?

Taking an industrial placement allows you to experience twelve months working in the type of environment that you might aspire to join when you graduate. The placement offers you the opportunity to work at the level of a full time employee of the company – being given the same training, responsibility and opportunities that they receive – as well as having both academic and pastoral support from the team at LUMS.

A high quality industrial placement can bring with it a wide range of benefits and positive impacts. An IP provides you with the opportunity to gain experience and specific skills in your industry of choice as well as allowing you to experience the skills that will be required in graduate employment. The placement year will allow you to gain a better understanding of these industries to allow you to make a more informed choice when looking for your graduate job.

The IP is an excellent first step to get “a foot in the door” with a desired company. In 2013 over 40% of all graduate jobs went to someone that had previous work experience with that company and your IP is the best way to get this experience. Our students often return from their placement having been offered a graduate job for when they complete their degree.

A placement provides the opportunity to develop contacts and network with people at various levels with an organisation. Talking to colleagues within the company will allow you to understand their roles and the possibility and options for future progression. These contacts will also allow you to build on your own industry network which may be beneficial to you in years to come.