Undergraduate placement profiles

For many students undertaking a 12-month placement as part of their degree is the stepping stone to a great career. Find out what our students and graduates think of their time spent on placement.



Faye Morrison

BSc Marketing Management, 2017

Faye worked at Johnson and Johnson as a Commercial Marketing Trainee for her placement year.

Jake Coren

BBA Management (Study Abroad), 2017

Jake worked as a Technology Consultant with KPMG for his placement year.

Abbie-Louise Malin

BA Hons Advertising and Marketing Management (Industry), 2017

Advertising and Marketing Management student Abbie-Louise worked with GSK for her placement year.

Christopher Moore

BSc Management and Information Technology, 2017

Management and IT student Christopher worked with Spiral Health CIC in Preston for his placement year.

Telma Almeida

BA Hons Management and Entrepreneurship, 2017

Telma completed her placement with 3D Hubs in The Netherlands.

Iko Congo

BBA Management, 2017

Iko worked with Aldi in the Middleton region for his placement year.

Salvador Torres

BA Hons Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2017

Salvador was the LUMS Placement Student of the Year winner for 2017 and he completed his placement with L'Oreal.

Emma Tran

BBA Management (Study Abroad), 2017

Emma worked with Warner Bros. as a International TV Marketing Research Intern for her placement year.

Isabelle Holmes

BSc Marketing Management, 2017

Isabelle worked as a member of the marketing team at Johnson & Johnsonas a Marketing Assistant, specialising in design.

Nicola Bond

BSc Marketing Management, 2017

Nicola worked as a Sales Operations Executive with Mars for her placement year.

Adam Goonajee

BSc Business Studies (Industry), 2017

Adam worked in Research and Technology Marketing at Cummins for his placement year.

Iegor Galushko

BBA Hons Management (Study Abroad), 2017

Iegor worked with UBS in London for his placement year.