Undergraduate placement profiles

For many students undertaking a 12-month placement as part of their degree is the stepping stone to a great career. Find out what our students and graduates think of their time spent on placement.



Thomas Meheut

BBA Management, 2015

Thomas spent his placement year working in Global Brand Development at Unilever.

Sherry Nguyen

BSc Project Management (Industry), 2015

Sherry worked as a Business Transformation Analyst in IBM for her placement year.

Ninh Hao

BA Management Studies and European Languages, 2015

Ninh completed her placement year working for The British Chamber of Commerce in Chile.

Marili Vosmi

BBA Management, 2015

Marili spent her placement year working on Your Dreams Live with Phantasmagora London Ltd.

Jengiz Bagdatlioglu

BBA Management, 2015

Jengiz spent his placement year working as a Commercial Undergraduate with Lucite International.

James Harlow

BSc Marketing Management, 2015

James completed his placement with Accenture working as a Business Systems & Integrations Analyst.

James Kenyon

BSc Management and Information Technology, 2015

James spent his placement year working in Handheld Management & Tracking at BlackBerry.

Emily McCoid

BSc Marketing Management, 2015

During her placement year Emily worked as a Marketing Executive for Xerox.

Jane Tran

BSc Operations Management (Industry), 2015

Jane worked as a Business Systems Analyst at GSK for her placement year.

Ghalia Khan

BSc Marketing Management, 2015

Ghalia spent her placement year working for Johnson & Johnson in Maidenhead.

Ben Markham

BSc Operations Management (Industry), 2015

Ben spent his placement year working as a Network Development Analyst with Audi UK.

Daniel Buck

BA Management and Entrepreneurship, 2015

Daniel completed his placement year here at LUMS working as part of the Careers, Alumni and Employer Relations Team.