Undergraduate placement profiles

For many students undertaking a 12-month placement as part of their degree is the stepping stone to a great career. Find out what our students and graduates think of their time spent on placement.



Tom Osborn

BSc Management and Information Technology, 2016

Tom worked within the Department for Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation on his placement year.

Rachele Lanza

BSc Marketing Management, 2016

Rachele worked as a Marketing Coordinator with 3M during her placement year.

Ross Blenkinsop

BSc Business Studies (Industry), 2016

Ross worked with Johnson and Johnson in Maidenhead for his placement year.

Ruben Pritchard

BSc Business Studies (Study Abroad/Placement), 2016

Ruben worked with Motor Manufacturing in Derby for his placement year.

Naglis Aleliunas

BSc Business Studies (Industry), 2016

Naglis worked in IBM Southbank for his placement year.

Muhammad Mehroz Ashraf

BA Management and Entrepreneurship (Industry), 2016

Muhammad completed his placement wit Astute ltd in Bournemouth.

Yiran Feng

BSc Marketing Management, 2016

Yiran worked with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars for her placement year.

Dessi Doncheva

BSc Marketing Management, 2016

Dessi worked as a Marketing and Communications assistant with Nissan for her placement year.

Maria Meriacre

BBA Management, 2016

Maria worked as a Geographical Business Analyst with Intel for her placement year.

Zoe Furness

BSc Business Studies (Industry), 2016

Zoe worked with Johnson and Johnson for her placement year.

Mingqian Xie

BSc Project Management (Industry), 2016

Mingqian completed his placement with Coty Manufacturing UK Ltd in Kent.

Tolu Adeshina

BSc Management and Organisation (Industry), 2016

Tolu worked in Human Resources with EDF Energy for her placement year.